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The P.Audio CXP-121C is a very high performance professional sound reinforcement system. The CXP-121C is an active design that features two channels of class D amplification and a universal power supply.

The design includes a precision 96kHz DSP processor with precision filtering, EQ and 8 available DSP presets. The DSP can also be linked to a computer using the optional USB-RS485 remote control cable to provide real time access to DSP parameters. The CXP-121C designed for general public address applications and can also be used as a very high performance powered floor monitor.

The CXP-121C is ideal for fixed installation applications such as restaurants, bars, retail outlets and general purpose indoor public address and full range music systems. The design is also very well suited for live performance and touring applications. The CXP-121C features a wide bandwidth 12 inch (305mm) coaxial device.

The high frequency transducer is a large format true compression driver. The rated included angle is 90 degrees conical. The CXP-121C may also be used with the CXP-21 Sub deep bass transducer when extended low frequency output and bandwidth are specified. The CXP-121C combines a 2000 watt peak power amplifier with a matched pre amp. The low frequency section is a 1000 watt peak (500 watt burst) amplifier.

The high frequency amplifier also features a 1000 watt peak (500 watt burst) amplifier. The low frequency section is a 12 inch (305mm) transducer that features a large format voicecoil. This design assures very high power handling and high reliability. The vented enclosure design has been optimized for use with this low frequency device and is tuned for both fullrange applications as well as for critical monitoring applications. The titanium based high frequency driver is a 75mm diaphragm design that features a close spaced phase plug and extended high frequency response.

The enclosure is constructed with high quality plywood and finished in a very durable polyurea coating. The system includes a top hat style stand adaptor and an optional eye bolt kit to allow flexible mounting.


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